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Impressions of Denmark

In 2004, the Trade Council of Denmark in Taipei published "Impressions of Denmark" - a brochure intended to give Taiwanese tourists planning on visiting Denmark a foretaste of what to expect from the world's happiest country, and the brocure has been published every year ever since its first launch. Please read more about "Impressions of Denmark" and the commercial opportunities it may entail for your particular company below.

The "Impressions of Denmark" brochure is printed in 70.000 copies for which reason it entails a unique promotion opportunity for Danish brands.  The brochure contains both text and photos, covering many Danish sights and attractions, user-friendly maps of what to see and where to shop in Copenhagen together with useful advice on where to dine and how to get around the city. This information together with many more local Denmark tips is of course provided in the traditional Chinese characters, making it easy for the Taiwanese tourist to understand.

The useful information combined with the practical format makes "Impressions of Denmark" a tourguide for many Taiwanese visiting Denmark. And being distributed through Taiwan's biggest travel magazine Traveller Luxe in Taiwan together with Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, the brochure reaches a broad segment of well-educated and experienced consumers every single year.

Would you also like to make an impression on potential Taiwanese tourists through "Impressions of Denmark"? Or are you interested in further information? Please have a virtuel tour of our existing "Impressions of Denmark" brochure or contact the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei through the following e-mail address