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Opening hours

The Trade Council is open Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 16.00. Visa related services are provided between 09.00-12.00 only.

Closing days for the Trade Council in 2018

Monday, January 1 (New Year)
Thursday February 15 (Chinese New Year)
Friday, February 16 (Chinese New Year)
Monday, February 19 (Chinese New Year)
Tuesday, February 20 (Chinese New Year)
Wednesday, February 28 (Peace Memorial Day)
Wednesday, April 4 (Tomb Sweeping Day)
Thursday, April 5 (Tomb Sweeping Day)
Friday, April 6 (Tomb Sweeping Day)
Tuesday, May 1 (International Worker's Day)
Monday, June 18 (Dragon Boat Festival)
Monday, September 24 (Mid-Autumn Festival)
Wednesday, October 10 (National Day)
Monday, December 24 (Christmas / New Year)
Tuesday, December 25 (Christmas / New Year)
Wednesday, December 26 (Christmas / New Year)
Thursday, December 27 (Christmas / New Year)
Friday, December 28 (Christmas / New Year)
Monday December 31 (New Year)

Closing days for the Trade Council in 2019

Tuesday, January 1 (New Year)
Monday, February 4 (Chinese New Year)
Tuesday, February 5 (Chinese New Year)
Wednesday, February 6 (Chinese New Year)
Thursday, February 7 (Chinese New Year)
Friday, February 8 (Chinese New Year)
Thursday, February 28 (Peace Memorial Day)
Friday, March 1 (Peace Memorial Day)
Thursday, April 4 (Children Day)
Friday, April 5 (Tomb Sweeping Day)
Wednesday, May 1 (Labor Day)
Friday, June 7 (Dragon Boat Festival)
Friday, September 13 (Mid-Autumn Festival)
Thursday, October 10 (National Day)
Friday, October 11 (National Day)