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Cross-Field Design Forum in Taipei

This Saturday December 20 The Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei is together with INDEX: Design to Improve Life®, hosting a big design forum.

The Danish international NPO INDEX was created in 2002 and is in sync with the Danish values and principles of humanism, social understanding and democratic thinking, which has made Danish design well-known throughout the world.

The INDEX award is the biggest design award in the world, and what some may think as the most important one as well. “ Inspiring, Educating and Engaging people in designing sustainable solutions to global challenges.” - This is the goal of INDEX highlighted on their webpage.

This shows that the design award is much more than just about innovation of ideas and technology, but about changing the world. It is about producing solutions for human life problems and improving the life quality of several people. All the nominations are evaluated according to three criteria: Form, Impact and Context and address large-scale challenges that the world faces today and in the future.

This Saturday, The Trade Council of Denmark invites you to take the opportunity to learn more about designing sustainable environmental solutions and join the Taiwan Denmark Cross-Field Design Forum in Taipei. The INDEX: Design to Improve Life® founder and CEO Ms. Kigge Hvid will personally come to Taiwan to share information on the prize contest, and tell students how design can help tackle climate change, sustainable development, education, and even the threat of AIDS and food crisis.

In addition, the forum will share knowledge of the Danish education on how to care for the environment into the design process, to inspire the students to share the passion of INDEX to improve human life, care for the environment and for interdisciplinary design.

To read more about the event and how you can participate go to the event webpage: