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Denmark provides a record high grant to the victims of Syria

At the international donor conference for Syria held today in Kuwait, the Danish Minister for Trade and Development, Mr. Mogens Jensen, will publish Denmark’s new commitment of 250 million DKK in 2015 for the victims of the crisis of Syria. Denmark's commitment is 50 million DKK higher than last year.

"It is with a mixture of pride and sadness, that I announce the Danish commitment. Pride because it stresses that Denmark is a humanitarian superpower and bears witness to our solidarity with people living in some of the most miserable conditions in the world. And sadness because it, in spite of the large amount of money, is not enough to cover the extent of the humanitarian needs in Syria", says Mogens Jensen.

With the record high commitment, Denmark's total humanitarian assistance to Syria now stands at over 1 billion DKK since the crisis began. In his speech at the Conference Mogens Jensen calls on other resourceful countries to also provide their support to the about 18 million people in need in Syria and in the neighboring countries.

"I want to send a clear signal to all countries to help lifting this important task", says Mogens Jensen.

"Lebanon and Jordan have the most refugees in relation to their own inhabitants in the whole world. The two countries have together received nearly 2 million refugees in the space of a few years. And we must not forget that it is countries with population sizes similar to Denmark's", says Mogens Jensen.

The Danish commitment includes the 90 million DKK, which was announced earlier this month. Of these, 50 million DKK went to Danish humanitarian organizations which are present in Syria or working through local partners, while the remaining 40 million DKK went to the World Food Programme, WFP (15 million DKK), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR (15 million DKK) and the United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA (10 million DKK).