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Watch, Use, Share: New 3GF videos making the case for green growth

In 3 newly released videos leading 3GF partners are making the compelling case for why “green” and “growth” have to go together and how collaborative partnerships between public and private actors are paving the way for solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.

In the videos ”Why 3GF”, ”Why Public-Private Partnerships” and “Why Global Green Growth” a number of leading green growth frontrunners from private companies, finance, governments, international organisations, think tanks and civil society are making the compelling case for the urgency of action to drive the green transition forward. They speak from the perspective of both developed, developing and emerging countries and argue for the importance of coming together in a constructive and informal setting in order to identify concrete solutions through partnerships.

Watch the videos below. 

3GF encourages all to use and to share these important testimonials and to join us in the Call to Green Action.

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