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Work in Denmark

Denmark has always attracted foreign labour to a large number of industries. In the coming years, however, the need for labour is said to increase for which reason you should continue reading if you are planning on working in Denmark and would like to make the most of your talent.

Denmark has an official website for international recruitment hosted by the Danish government. It is called "Work in Denmark" and connects Danish companies and international jobseekers. The website offers a wide range of free, public services for jobseekers from abroad, including a job and CV database along with extensive information on working and living conditions in Denmark.

As an international job-seeker, you can use the website to submit your CV and search for English speaking job positions in Denmark. Moreover, the information on living and working conditions in Denmark is provided in both English, Danish, German and Polish. If you look for information beyond the information available online, we at the Trade Council encourage you to contact one of the "Work in Denmark" centres located in Denmark. Here, you can find experienced consultants ready to assist you with everything from finding a job to getting in touch with the Danish authorities. 

International Citizen Service
In order for foreigners to get off to the best possible start in Denmark, The National Labour Market Authority has launched a new initiative in addition to the abovementioned website. The project is called International Citizen Service, and it consolidates all relevant authorities under one roof.

When you arrive to Denmark as a foreign employee or job seeker, there are plenty of things to consider. International Citizen Service can help you with everything from paperwork, jobseeking to getting good advice on what it’s like to live and work in Denmark. You can also read more in the publication "International Citizen Service" in the menu on the right hand side. is the Danish Immigration Service and the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration’s official web portal about the rules for entering and residing in Denmark.

Please download the PDF below for further information on how to find a job in Denmark. 

Please download the PDF below for further information on how to make the most of your talent in Denmark.