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Danish Parliament approves military contribution to Iraq

Today, the Danish Parliament (Folketinget) has approved a Danish military contribution (a C-130J transport aircraft) to support efforts to combat the terrorist organisation ISIL in Iraq. The aircraft will support the international efforts against ISIL and assist Iraqi authorities in protecting the civilian population against the violent attacks and atrocities.

The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark Martin Lidegaard states:

“I am very happy with the unanimous political support for Denmark’s contribution to the fight against ISIL in Iraq. It is an important signal to our troops and to the international community. ISIL is currently one of the biggest – if not the biggest – threat the international community is facing right now. Denmark’s contribution to the ongoing military operation in Iraq will of course not eliminate ISIL completely, but aims at helping the Iraqis in engaging and countering ISIL’s current offensive.

A political solution in Iraq is of paramount importance. First and foremost, Iraq must form an inclusive government, which I urged my Iraqi colleague to do during our conversation yesterday.

The Danish Minister for Defence Nicolai Wammen states:

I am very pleased that a unanimous vote in Parliament today has authorized the deployment of a Danish Hercules C-130J transport aircraft in order to help the population in Northern Iraq, where ISIL has committed terrible atrocities against the civilian population. Denmark is utmost thankful to – and respectful of – our highly professional men and women in the armed forces who will carry out this mission.

The Danish military contribution is being made available based on request from the Iraqi and American governments. The Danish Parliament has authorized the deployment of a C-130J transport aircraft and personnel, up to approximately 55 people until the of 2014, consisting of a logistics detachment, liaison personnel, and an additional security detachment should that be deemed necessary.

For further information contact:

Press Advisor to the Foreign Minister Lars Peter Levy, phone +4541904124

Ministry of Defence, phone +4523236500

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