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International conference on Addressing Inequalities, 18 to 19 February 2013 in Copenhagen

Since 2000, inequalities have risen markedly both within and between countries, even in countries with rapid economic growth. This has resulted in a growing gap between rich and poor. Inequalities are hampering efforts to reduce poverty and contribute to social instability. Inequalities have therefore been named one of the most serious social, economic and political challenges of our time. This is why global inequalities are the central topic at a two-day international conference in Copenhagen on 18-19 February 2013.

Mr Christian Friis Bach, Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, states:

“The new global development goals should rally the international community around a strong vision of a world without extreme poverty. Eradicating extreme poverty is possible! However, it requires a dedicated effort to fight inequality and discrimination – both between rich and poor, between women and men and between the vulnerable and the strong. In this regard human rights are our strongest weapon and they are spearheading Denmark’s international engagement.”

The conference takes place over the course of two days. It is part of a series of global thematic consultations lead by the UN as part of the process to formulate a new set of global development goals to succeed the current eight Millennium Development Goals. The recommendations from the conference will feed into the joint work of the UN and the international community in this regard. The first part of the meeting, held on 18 February, is a Public Dialogue Meeting with participation of experts and civil society organisations. The public will be able to follow the meeting via live-streaming on the Inequalities Consultation homepage and pose questions via Twitter.

The program for the meeting is available here.

The second part of the meeting on 19 February is devoted to a High-Level Leadership Meeting, which will bring together ministers and decision-makers from developing, middle income and OECD countries as well as leaders from the UN and civil society organisations to discuss what can be done to tackle global inequalities.

Mr Christian Friis Bach, Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, is co-hosting the conference together with Mr Paul Victor Obeng, Chairman of the National Development and Planning Commission of Ghana, Mr Anthony Lake, Executive Director of UNICEF and Ms Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director of UN Women.

For more information please contact: Lars Bøgeskov, Special Adviser to the Minister for Development Cooperation, email:, mobile phone +45 25267685.

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