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New issue of Focus Denmark - now also as an app

The summer/autumn issue zooms in on wind turbines, film villains and the world’s largest ship. The magazine is now also available for tablets.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published a new issue of Denmark’s official English-language magazine, Focus Denmark.

""Highlights in the summer/autumn issue include:

- The maritime sector. Special report featuring the world’s largest ship, Majestic Maersk, company profiles, and more.

- Vestas and Siemens. The two wind turbine giants prepare for a clash in the promising offshore market.

- The age of ageing. Municipalities are charting new territory in innovative senior care.

- Danish bad guys. There seems to be a steady stream of villains flowing from Denmark to international films and TV series. 



Focus Denmark is published twice a year in print and now also as an app magazine, available for free download at App Store and Google Play for use on iPads and Android tablets. Offering the same content and design as the print version, the tablet edition also includes a range of digital features.


The magazine is also available in iPaper format.

Focus Denmark is also introducing a digital newsletter. Subscribers will receive updates a few times a year about new issues of Focus Denmark and other information about the magazine. Sign up here.

Focus Denmark features articles about Denmark, with the main emphasis on business and investment.

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