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Kenyan election results

The results of the Kenyan elections on 4 March 2013 were announced on Saturday 9 March.
In this connection, the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Villy Søvndal says:

“I would like to congratulate the Kenyan people with the completion of the election and express my great recognition for the millions of Kenyans who participated actively and peacefully in the election. The counting of votes was delayed but this does not overshadow the impression so far of a well conducted election process which in overall terms has been peaceful and is an expression of the will of the Kenyan people. I strongly encourage that any disputes about the election results are addressed as soon as possible via the independent electoral commission and the relevant legal authorities. It is of course crucial to stay on the peaceful track in the continued political process following the election. Additionally, I want to stress that Denmark and Kenya enjoy a long-standing partnership and that Denmark will continue to prioritize the close connection with the Kenyan people. Finally, I would like to underline that Kenya has deserved a president who unites and maintains the interests of all Kenyans. Therefore, it is vital that the new president lives up to the trust the Kenyan people have shown him. This also implies that Kenya meets its international obligations”.

Minister for Development Cooperation, Christian Friis Bach, says:

“First and foremost the Kenyan people have shown the way forward with an overall peaceful and well conducted election process. It is now important to act peacefully and constructive in the follow-up. Kenya is one of the priority countries in the Danish development cooperation policies. Denmark has contributed to a well conducted Kenyan election with 40 million DKK. After a democratic election, I believe that is money well spent”.

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