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Copenhagen Named the Healthiest City in the World

Is Copenhagen the healthiest city in the world? Yes it is, according to CNN. Happiness, work-life balance and the prevalence of biking are the key factors in the verdict.

Fresh off from claiming the no. 1 spot on Monocle Magazine’s Quality of Life Index, making it the most liveable city in the world, the Danish capital Copenhagen now receives further praise. This time, Copenhagen is being proclaimed the healthiest city in the world by CNN.

Work-life balance

The fact that Copenhageners maintain a healthy work-life balance was a crucial factor. In Copenhagen, being deeply committed to your job and also feeling good about spending time on family and pastime activities are not seen as mutually exclusive. This also helps explain why the Danish workforce is among the most motivated and productive in the world. The ability to balance work and leisure has also been cited as one of the main reasons that Denmark is consistently ranked the happiest nation in the world in the UN World Happiness Report.

Biking in Green Surroundings

Copenhagen has more than 400 kilometers of bike paths, and multiple green areas. Moreover, the municipal government has set ambitious targets for 2015, such as having 50% of all people working in Copenhagen commuting by bike, and that all residents should be able to reach a park or beach in less than 15 minutes by foot. The idea is to keep residents healthy and help the environment simultaneously, making Copenhagen a supremely habitable city in which people get daily exercise in healthy surroundings

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