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Denmark donates EUR 40.000 to the rescue mission after the mudslide in Colombia

With an emergency donation of EUR 40.000 (DKK 300.000) in humanitarian funds, Denmark is now contributing to the rescue work in response to the mudslide last weekend in Colombia. Denmark’s contribution is expected to go to immediate emergency assistance, such as clean water, food, clothing, and medicine to the families affected.

Ulla Tørnæs, the Minister for Development Cooperation, says:

"I would like to express my deep-felt sympathy for all the families who are now affected by this terrible mudslide in Colombia. It is very satisfying for me to see that Denmark can deliver a rapid and much-needed contribution to the rescue work”.

Last weekend, the whole city of Mocoa in southern Colombia was ravaged by a mudslide after a period of severe rain. At least 200 people are expected to have lost their lives, while many hundreds are injured or have lost their homes due to the mudslide. The Colombian Government has declared a state of emergency in the area, while rescue personnel continue to look for those missing.

The Danish contribution of EUR 40.000 (DKK 300.000) will go to Colombia’s national emergency-response service, coordinating the rescue work with all relevant organisations involved, including the Red Cross, the military, and national and international humanitarian organisations.

For more information, contact:
Press Advisor Dorte Bryde, phone +45 50 77 86 98