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Invest in Denmark positive about developments in 2016

In 2016, Invest in Denmark was involved in 68 foreign direct investments and retentions.

In close cooperation with the Danish Regions and project specific stakeholders, Invest in Denmark achieved an annual result in line with the previous year’s record. With specialised staff located in Denmark and across the globe, Invest in Denmark assisted 68 foreign-owned companies in establishing or retaining business in Denmark.
26 of these investment projects were classified high quality projects, meaning they were significant in volume and/or high in knowledge-insensitivity. Compared to the annual result for 2015, this is a 20 % increase in the number of high quality projects with high direct and indirect impact on economic growth and competences in Denmark.

Explore international companies' experiences with investing  in Denmark below:

Piper Environmental Group, Inc. invests in Europe's leading hub for water management expertise and innovation.

Maurice Ward Group opens its first Scandinavian distribution centre in Denmark because of quality infrastructure and ease of doing business.

Mitsubishi Rayon sets up joint venture with Fiberline Composite to learn from Danish expertise.

Click here to access the Invest in Denmark annual report summary.

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