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Focus Denmark releases special report on smart cities

Facing the challenges of population growth, urbanisation and climate change, the world’s cities have no choice but to adapt.


Focus Denmark, published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has released a 24-page special report on smart cities.

Around the world, companies and public authorities are striving to tackle the challenges of population growth and climate change by implementing sustainable, efficient and citizen-centred solutions in urban environments.

The free special report is available here:

Highlights of the special report include:

  • The city of the future. Smart solutions hold the power to improve sustainability and efficiency by collecting and analysing data from the physical environment and inhabitants.
  • Intelligent lighting. Cities around the globe are exploring street lighting upgrades to save money and cut carbon emissions.
  • Internet of Things. The global IT company Cisco has partnered with cities across Europe and North America to develop the digital infrastructure of tomorrow.

The special report on smart cities will also be included in the next issue of Focus Denmark, to be published on 27 May.

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