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Niels Holck

On 9 April 2010 the Danish Minister of Justice decided that Niels Holck could be extradited to India for the purpose of prosecution. This decision has subsequently been brought to the Danish Courts. On 30 June 2011 the High Court of Eastern Denmark confirmed the decision of 1 November 2010 by the Danish District Court of Hillerød overruling the Danish government’s decision to extradite Niels Holck.
The Danish Government respects the decision of the independent Danish Judiciary. The independence of the Judiciary is a fundamental principle of a democracy based on the rule of law, and it is the Government’s hope that a democracy like India appreciates this. On behalf of the Danish Government the Foreign Minister expresses her aspiration that India and Denmark may continue to strengthen the close bilateral relationship to mutual benefit.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has no further comments. For further information reference is made to the Director of Public Prosecutions.