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The primary objective of the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei is to assist Danish companies in their business operations in Taiwan. Having many years of experience, the Trade Council has extensive knowledge together with a wide network Asia and a wide network about doing business in Asia and has helped a large number of small, medium-sized and large Danish companies in successfully entering the Taiwan market.

The Trade Council offers a wide range of services to Danish companies, including market analyses, arrangement of meetings/visiting programs, identification of distributors, information on customs duties, etc.

Sectors in focus

The Trade Council focuses on the following sectors:

  • Energy and environment
  • Health, pharmaceutical and medical industry
  • Food and agriculture
  • Fashion, design and retail
  • ICT
  • Architecture and industrial design

Services offered

The following should be seen as an example of the services the Trade Council offers:

  • Identification of partners - suppliers, agents/distributors
  • Market analysis
  • Political advising - Public Affairs / government relations
  • Practical export sales / "rent an export advisor"
  • Meeting / visiting programs
  • Product approvals
  • Consultancy concerning establishment of subsidiary
  • Viral office or incubation
  • Export and subsidy programs

For information about subsidy programs, authentication of documents and references please direct your attention to the left.

For other inquiries, please direct your attention to the right menu where you can find more information on export advisors within your sector area.

Inquiries which are not covered by the above-mentioned sections, can be directed to: [email protected]

We provide professional, fee-based services. Find our general business conditions here

Contact an Advisor

Director and Head of Trade

Peter Sand

[email protected]



Food and Agriculture/Health sector/Environment

Suping Hsu

[email protected] 



Environment and Energy sector

Yulun Hsu

[email protected]