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Authentication of documents

The following documents must be notarized, legalized and authenticated in Denmark before establishing in Taiwan:

  • Document of power of attorney appointing the company's litigious and non-litigious agent
  • Document of power of attorney appointing the branch manager
  • Articles of incorporation and bylaws
  • Document issued by the Danish authorities if the company’s establishment requires special approval
  • Document of the notice of inward remittance and the exchange memo for operating capital remitted into Taiwan
  • Minutes of the board director's meeting
  • Affidavit stating residence and nationality

The procedure is in four steps:

I. All documents should be translated into English

II. Notarization at a Danish notary public (dommerkontor). The price is 300 DKK per document.

III. Legalization at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark (UM). The price is 200 DKK per document.

IV. Authentification at the Taipei Representation Denmark (Amaliegade 3, 2 F, 1256, Copenhagen K, Denmark). The price per document is 99 DKK. Physical presence is not required but the application form must be filled and signed by the applicant. Passport and driver´s license are both accepted as ID. In the case application is done by an agent, the agent needs to show his/her ID as well as the applicant's ID (photocopy).

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The documents should also be translated into Chinese which can be done in Taiwan.