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Relying on ‘Made in Denmark’ will not get you there

Want to enter the Taiwanese market? Make sure you do it right! Below is some good advice before entering the Taiwanese market.

Danish companies enjoy a good reputation for good design and high quality around the world. However, Denmark is a small country located a long way from Taiwan. So even though Danish products are well-reputed, general knowledge about Denmark and Danish products in Taiwan is limited. Therefore, be very careful and think of how the Danish heritage can be used as a part of a marketing strategy not as the marketing strategy. Keep this in mind when entering the Taiwanese market with your Danish products.

Listed below is some advice for Danish companies, wanting to bring their products to the Taiwanese market:

 - The Danish origin alone will not create sales
Do not expect that Danish origin will create sales for your product.  Put in the needed time and resources in marketing, and create a different and nuanced narrative about your product and brand.


- Emphasize good design and high quality
Danish products cannot compete with local products on price. Therefore the superior design and quality should be emphasized.


- Use the Scandinavian identity and lifestyle
Emphasize on the Scandinavian origin as this better known to the Taiwanese than the Danish origin, thus more likely to influence purchase behaviour. Again, the Scandinavian origin cannot stand alone; think it as a part of your marketing strategy.


- Cooperate with other Danish or Scandinavian brands
Consider the possibility of cooperating with other Danish or Scandinavian brands in order to strengthen the profile in the Taiwan.


- Keep your customers happy and coming back for more
Find different ways of making your customers happy. Make sure your key customers feel important, as this will create high loyalty towards your company.


- Don’t be arrogant – the Taiwanese culture is different
It might not be possible to export the product to TW in its original form, because the TW culture and lifestyle is different. Spend the needed time to get familiar with the market and the consumers.