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NemID is the new digital signature that will accelerate the Danish vision of one login for public and private services on the internet. Please continue reading for further information.

One for all
Your NemID login remains the same regardless of where you use it.

The way you log in will always be the same, whether you are accessing your online banking service, e-Boks or the local public authorities' self-service or whether you are checking your insurance or retrieving your tax return from the Danish tax authorities SKAT.

To go
Take your NemID with you and use it on other computers. As long as you remember your password, you can use NemID on most computers with internet access. You can use your NemID on your work computer during the day, on your Mac at home in the evenings or at an internet cafe when you are out.

Security in numbers
Because security is given pride of place, NemID is comprised of two components: your password, which only you know; and a code card, which you have in your possession. Therefore, NemID offers strong protection against intruders and hackers.

Companies and public authorities
Companies and public authorities will benefit greatly from the new digital login. They can choose between two solutions: one that is similar to the current digital signature, where the digital signature is generated and placed locally on an employee's computer; or the other solution, which, similar to the personal NemID solution, uses a code card.

Efficient administration
The internal NemID administrators of companies will find that it is easier to create and terminate users in the systems. This is due to the NemID maintenance functions, which provides new options and facilitate efficient administration.

How to apply 

I. Apply on following link and request the NemID to be sent to Taiwan: NemID.

II. Collect the NemID letter at the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei during opening hours. Please note that there is a minor collection fee for this service. The Trade Council will get in touch with you when the NemID letter can be collected. Please make sure to bring identification when collecting your NemID.

III. The NemID cannot be sent by mail for which reason you have to pick it up in person. 

Please visit the official website for NemID via the link below.