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Verification of documents

Verification is used to authenticate a photocopy of an original document. This photocopy could be a page in a passport or a marital status certificate. Please continue reading for further information on verification of documents.

Please note that the purpose of a verification is to prove the authenticity of a photocopy only. A verification does not verify the content of the document.

The verification procedure

I. Have the document translated into English or Chinese - a translation made by yourself is also accepted.

II. Bring or send the original document together with a photocopy to the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei.

III. The Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei will then decide whether to approve the translation and verify the document or not - price per document is DKK 230/NTD 1,000.

Kindly note that only verifications are done by the Trade Coundil of Denmark, Taipei.  For information on how to legalise documents please visit the page "Legalisation of documents".