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Danish Passport

Please note that as of June 26th 2012, everyone must possess a passport of their own when travelling in or out of the country. Thus, children under the age of 15 who are imbedded into the passport of an adult must have a passport of their own, if they are to travel abroad. For further information, please download the press release on the right hand side. 

Passport application
If you like to apply for a new passport or renew your existing one, you need to show up at The Trade Council of Denmark in Taipei. This applies for all applicants despite age, including Danes residing in Taiwan, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. An appointment in necessary and should be made by phone or e-mail at least 2 days prior to the meeting. Please also note that a copy of existing passport should be sent to us before the appointment takes place and that all payment for temporary as well as new passports can be made in New Taiwan Dollar (NTD) only. Credit cards are not accepted.

In order to apply for a passport, an application form should be completed. This form is to be found and downloaded on the right hand side and should be brought to the meeting together with the following:

  • Passport photo
  • Current passport when applying for passport renewal
  • Child's birth certificate (only if it's the child's first passport)
  • Parents' marriage certificate (only if it's the child's first passport)
  • Medical card if you are not a passport holder and your civil registration number does not appear from the birth certificate or picture identification
  • Fees (NTD 4,800)

Residents from Hong Kong should collect in person at The Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei.

Please note that in case of passport renewal, a new passport number is always given. We would therefore like to point out that if this new number does not match that of the one appearing from the plane tickets purchased, the plane tickets become invalid. If this is the case, you are kindly advised to contact your airline as soon as possible in order to try to change the passport number. This, however, is not allowed by every airline. 

Children and passport
All children who travel need a passport despite age. In order to have a passport issued for a child, the custody holders BOTH need to sign the declaration of consent in the passport application form and include to present BOTH their passports. When you apply for a passport for your child, the child is required to be present with BOTH parents, and the application procedure is the exact same for children as for adults. 

Digital consent for a passport to your child

You can give digital consent for a passport to your child if you have a Danish CPR number and NEM-ID. Your child does not need to have a Danish CPR number.

Give digital consent here

Once you have filled the consent form and signed with your NEM-ID, you can print a receipt. We will also send the receipt to your digital mailbox (e-box). The consent is valid for 90 days.

Emergency passport
If you lose your passport in Taiwan, you need to notify the local police station as soon as possible in order to get a police report. This report should then be brought to the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei together with the following:

  • Passport photo
  • Completed passport application form
  • Picture identification – this could be a driving license or a previous copy made of the lost passport
  • Fees (NTD 4,800)

Price and duration
The duration of processing a new passport is 3 weeks as of the day of submission of application at the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei. Please note that issuing an emergency passport takes no longer than 1 working day.

Passport for adults are valid for 10 years. Passports for infants aged 0-2 are valid for 2 years and passports for children aged 2-18 are valid for 5 years.



Please read the new rules for children's passport by clicking on the link below

Please download the passport application form by clicking on the link below

Please read more about the passport photo requirements on the link below.

Please download the PDF below for further information on the new BIOMETRIC passport