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The Director's welcome

Welcome to the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei

I am very pleased to welcome you to the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei.


For 40 years, the Trade Council has been present in Taipei supporting commercial engagements of Danish companies. Our assistance focuses on export and trade activities as well as promoting investment opportunities in Denmark to Taiwanese companies.


Danish companies have – over the past years - achieved a very significant  export of goods to the Taiwanese market, just as Danish investments have reached a unique and very high level.


This applies in particular to the rapidly developing Taiwanese energy sector but Danish strongholds within food and agriculture, water and environment as well as healthcare are also very much in demand at the Taiwanese market.


As a result of the Danish commercial successes in the Taiwanese market over the years, we have witnessed a continuously growing community of Danes in Taiwan.


It is indeed my ambition that we, at the Trade Council of Denmark, shall continue to be working hard to further develop and significantly expand Danish commercial positions just as we will be aiming to provide high quality assistance to the Danish community.


I look forward to the dialogue with you.


Best regards


Peter Sand, Director


Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei