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Marriage in Taiwan

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get married in Taiwan

1. Contact Danish authorities
Contact your Danish municipality (if you live abroad, then contact the municipality you lived in before leaving Denmark), in order to get a certificate concerning notification of marriage. The certificate must be submitted to the Taiwanese authorities as evidence that nothing in the Danish law prevents you from getting married. The requisite form must be completed by you and your partner and sent to the municipality. You may find the requisite form here.

2. Hand in the form to certify the certificate
Bring the certificate to Taipei Representative Office in Denmark for certification. Before the certificate can be certified, you need to fill in the form and hand it in together with the certificate concerning notification of marriage. This can also be done via mail. Click here to find Taipei Representative Office in Denmark, and click here to find the form. 

3. Contact Taiwanese authorities
Contact the local Taiwanese authorities, depending on the location of marriage in Taiwan, and follow their procedure. If the authorities require a translated copy of the original documents, The Danish Trade Council can verify the translated copy. We are not able to issue or certify any documents, only verify the copies.

Procedures are subject to variation and constant change. Therefore, be in good time and collect the precise information from the local authorities in order to avoid any problems.

(Updated August 2013)